Squash Club Committee 2014-2015 
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Name: Rory Ormiston
Age: 23
Studying: Medicine
Bio: A 100% win record in his 1st year. The inventor of the Jaeger grenade and the blowpedo. A plate winner at last years bucs individuals. The contest for this year club president was literally a one man race. With a love of fitness and booze President Rory shall take us to new heights of success or 'run' the club into the ground.


Name: Dominic McCoy
Age: 22
Studying: ITO
Bio: Last years social sec and this years vice president, Dom also has an unbeaten record in BUCS, a silver medal in the prestigious 2014 Squash Club Pub golf competition and a wooden spoon in the 2014 Hampshire County Closed. Starting as a complete beginner Dom has risen through the rankings and last year broke into BUCS 2nds where he swiftly dispatched with Bath Spa before withdrawing from the team amidst rumours of a bromance with Social Captain Jake Hodges. He plans to return to the team squad this year.


Name: Stuart Rylance
Age: 21
Studying: Mechanical Engineering
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Social Secretary:

Name: Charles Black
Age: 19
Studying: Not much (never passed an exam)
Bio: When Charles came to us a year ago he was an 18 year old fresh-faced, super keen super fresher. I like to think he has had a year of learning...
1. Don't be a hero
2. Hangovers cause resits
3. Manwella causes hangovers
4. Hangovers can make semi finals more difficult
5. Boozing with El Shorbagys can be surprisingly expensive.
This year will see the emergence of a new man, with a new title, I give you our new social sec ... Charles, look forward to Wednesdays!

Social Secretary:

Studying: Sharking
Bio: Born in a factory in china weighing 145 grams manualla entered the world unsure of her destiny. Due to personal reasons she was adopted by the Southampton squash club where she spent many years on court "chopping up" many a bucs match. after breaking her strings in 1998 she gained a funnel which she proudly bears to this day. On the committee for the first time this year she provides both gender and racial equality to the club while being the centre of the social scene.
Bió: Nacido en una fábrica en China que pesa 145 gramos manualla entró en el mundo inseguro de su destino. Debido a razones personales, fue adoptada por el club de squash Southampton donde pasó muchos años en la cancha "cortando" muchos un partido Bucs. después de romper sus cadenas en 1998 ella ganó un embudo que lleva con orgullo el día de hoy. En el comité por primera vez este año que ofrece tanto el género y la igualdad racial en el club, mientras que ser el centro de la escena social.

Social Captain:

Name: Jake Hodges
Age: 21
Studying: Electronic Engineering
Bio: This years social captain jake hodges while pretending to be a nice guy off court is a mean player on it reaching an impressive 19th on the ladder. Standing at over 6ft but weighing in at just over 6 stone jake with a very impressive limb to body ratio jake is part man part spider with his long limbs often see flapping around court just as they are jesters dance floor.

Jake made an impressive debut to tournament squash this year picking the Hampshire closed on the exotic Isle of Wight as his venue to announce himself on the world stage. Jake had a great tournament played through his skin and knocked up 3 great defeats crashing out before most people even knew he was there.

Tour Sec:

Name: Daniel Barry
Age: 24
Studying: Health Management (BA)
Bio: Having held nearly every position available on the squash committee and playing ace teal role both on the team and social front for the best part of a decade Dan Barry is widely regarded as the grandfather of the club. The former president, treasurer, social sec and Vice President currently holds the position of Tour sec. Dan Barry tried to run for girls captain this year in order to complete his CV but his application was swiftly withdrawn for reasons unknown.

Having joined as a fresher playing number 5 in the 4th team dan Barry's rise was once described as meteoric. A better description would perhaps improvement of a satisfactory pace. Dan currently holds the a position in the 3rd team but has frequently represented the 2nd and infrequently (very infrequently) the 1st.

Dan Barry is a regular of the social scene and has been known to get into the occasional adventure on squash nights out - one Wednesday dan Barry went to jesters and decided his fitness was not up to scratch so he went for a swim in the Solent. Another Wednesday he decided he was lacking in French language skills, so he woke in Paris. Another Wednesday dan Barry decided he did not know the interior of a ford fiesta well enough...

What more is there to say.

Tour Sec:

Name: Jack Riley
Age: 20
Studying: Physics
Bio: Descended from the only remaining line of Yeti, few men have seen Jack's face due to his accursed, savage and downright villainous chest hair. Some say looking at it for too long will bring a painful demise; others claim to have been lost within for years on end. Fortunately, those who dare approach the beast will find a gentle and loving man, who loves cuddles, physics, his imaginary girlfriend, and more cuddles.

Famously acclaimed as last year's social captain and mother of 5, Jack makes a majestic return to squash committee as this year's tour sec. Whilst the brave eagerly anticipate what Jack has in store for this year's tour, the weak flee in fear. Watch this space.


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